Micar Productions, LLC

[Director's Chair] As a modern motion picture shop, Micar Productions embodies the new breed of entertainment companies that can consistently and successfully produce, market and distribute quality films.

Under the guidance of founder Michael Carvaines, Micar Productions embraces a unique business model one that is adaptable and light on its feet. Working outside the Hollywood establishment, the company has developed its own sources of independent financing and focuses its resources on producing only a select number of projects, with a spotlight on intimate stories that can be effectively told in a cost efficient manner.

In addition, Micar Productions has developed and maintains stellar working relationships with up and coming talent — both on screen and off. The company has a repertory of collaborators, including actors, cinematographers, editors, and composers, that consistently work on almost every project. This team has helped to establish the trademarks of a Micar production: compelling films about relationships told with realistic acting, gorgeous cinematography and original music.